Conference on Data Science in the “Age of the Customer”

Jayashree Mukundan

CEO, Tatvam Analytics

Founding Director, Netserv Technologies

Companies across the globe and from every industry are building teams to translate mountains of information into a better understanding of their customers.

We are in the Age of the Customer, so it’s a competitive necessity to win, engage, and retain customers. Companies are becoming more and more data-driven, customer-centric, intelligent enterprises. Customer knowledge is drawn from everywhere, created centrally, and shared across the entire enterprise, so all stakeholders can act upon it and measure the results.

This session will focus on data science in the Age of the Customer. We will explore the technologies used to gather customer insights and look at the art and science of analyzing data.

About the Speaker: Jayashree is founding director of Netserv Technologies , a software product engineering company with offices in Atlanta, Denver, and Bangalore. She has 23+ years of IT experience which spans companies like Novell, HP, and Oracle.

She is currently the co-founder and CEO of Tatvam Analytics, a business analytics startup in Bangalore focusing on providing affordable analytics solutions to small and medium businesses in India and the U.S. She has a specialization in business analytics from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (India’s top B-school). She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and looks at technology as a way to bridge the social divide.

Conference Description