Business Intelligence Assessment

With any service to our clients, the process of starting a project begins with an evaluation of the business need. In the case of our Business Intelligence Service Offering, this process is called a Business Intelligence or Data Warehouse Assessment.

Whether you are just looking to start your business intelligence initiatives or are a seasoned company with a mature business intelligence environment, we can help you.

We work to gain a high level business understanding of your goals, and thus your reporting and analytic needs through:

  • Interviewing key business leaders
  • Analyzing critical business requirements
  • Evaluating based on our past domain experience
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Assessing current performance levels
  • Evaluating and Identifying possible KPIs


Once we have identified the goals of your organization and business intelligence initiatives, key decision makers and their priorities. The next step is to lay out a project roadmap, or a strategy.

This process is as consultative as the initial assessment and utilizes inputs from both our organizational experts in the field, in tandem with the key business stakeholders in your company, in order to provide a complete, committed project scope through:

  • Outlining the data realities and business priorities needed to meet the organization's ongoing and future reporting and analytic needs.
  • Communication between us and business leaders in your organization to reach a consensus on priorities.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of tools.
  • Formulating an overall strategy for delivering enhanced capabilities, including overall methodology, project scope, and data architecture.